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Author Topic: What happens?  (Read 1891 times)


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What happens?
« on: August 31, 2008, 02:10:44 AM »
Didn't know where I should post this
here or spanking topics :unsure:

What Happens "when tops/disciplinarians/masters strike out
 and leave you high and dry"

Well let me tell you what happens/happened to me!
while also giving you my opinions of what I thought...

I am a very strong female, so when I lash out, I need someone to lash at me even harder, I had someone like that but I think we're better friends than he his my disciplinary, because he started to have to much on his plate, I understood really I did, but I soo don't like empty threats, it's very hard to take sometimes, although I do right and move on, it makes it easier for me to say well I know he/she won't do it so I will just say yes sir/ma'am and move on, not because I TRYING to be disobedient but they have made it easy for me to slip into that frame of mind, although I know better.

I thought a disciplinarian was supposed to guide you in the right direction make you stronger than what you use to be, show you new heights in life, although 1 did the other did not do that/has not done it, I only stick around because I feel sorry for her, but it's sooo hard because she's a "so-called switch" and it makes her unable to push back when I push which makes me uneasy and I give up the fight even if I'm unhappy, I can't express myself the way I would like to, and that causes fights all the time, and I feel that if you can't be open with the person that's swatting you, maybe they shouldn't be spanking you.

I'm not a fan of " time wasting" wasting my time is fine, but to waste both of our time, makes me wanna SCREAM!

I have never had a R/L top(not yet anyway) so I do cyber style spankings/Directed spankings(Top tells you what to do/hit and you do it :) ) and I will go through with it every time, it's very effective.

I know some of you are saying " Maybe you're just picky and don't know how to be a bottom" I've checked that, the verdict is in, my ass is normal!

I can spank and be spanked, it's a even 50/50.
Although I will not automatically be submissive, if I sense that the person who's trying to whack on my
ass is unsure of themselves, would you? I didn't think so!
Which brings me to my "male top" he's very strong and it's easy for me to submit to him and have great respect for him, even if he does threaten me with false promises of spankings and beatings lol
we have a wonderful friendship and that's what holds us together, we declared we are friends first! and nothing is tighter than a friendship :) so when we have a disagreement there's not fighting yelling and screeching cause we have a friendship. I think it's important to have that before anything.

Which brings me to my "female top" *groans*
We don't really have a "friendship" she didn't want it that way so I didn't force her she rather just jump in and start wailing on me so, we fight a lot! not that I want to or feel happy about it, it's because we don't have foundation so our relationship can't stand like a brick house, but it sure can crumble. and although we are still somewhat cool with each other, It's hard for me to respect someone who A. doesn't respect themselves, B. get's pissed easily, C. don't know when to quit hitting. so yes I clam, you would too!

Speaking of spankings!
most tops know when to stop swatting, but the ones that don't, they worry me a lot, because
a spanking can be going truly well, and then you swat 20 times over, some bottoms start to wonder should this person be spanking me?

I don't mind being spanked when a top is upset at me as long as they make it clear that they are pissed in as little words as possible, but to just try and think of ways to hurt me will not make me trust you or respect you.

Example 1. "I'm so mad at you, you are going to get it", *picks up cane* CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK  <-- this will make me fight back....

Example 2. " Young lady, fetch the brush now!!!!" <--- this will get my ass moving and I will feel totally sorry I messed with him!

Example 2 1/2. " I'm very upset with you, and now your little ass is going to pay. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT <--- nice very nice

Which somehow brings me to IK( inner kids) and age play!
My male top once told me, " acting like a fucking child does not make your IK" and he is right.
My IK springs out when I'm happy, dancing around, giggling uncontrollably and feeling carefree
when I'm sick I whine, when I'm tired I whine. Yep all me and I didn't even have to fake it. :D

age play is pretending and it can work peoples nerves :) ask me I know!

What works well for one may not work well for the other.
You do what works for you and your relationships will not perish as quickly ;)

Be back with part two later XOXO
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Re: What happens?
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2008, 07:48:22 AM »
I voted "I know what you mean", because I do, and agree with a lot you said. Been there.
Empty threats makes anyone feel frustrated, and it's unfair to have the spankee "on hold" until the top is in the mood for discipline. I mean, how hard it is to break up and let the spankee move on, if the top doesn't have what it takes?? It is truly wasting people's time.  :x
Also, when you know something is not right with the relationship, but when you try to talk about it, you get verbally abused. Well, I did anyways. I was unlucky enough to meet a manipulator, who not only used empty threats, but emotional blackmail to control me. Until I figured it out, which made things even worse and had her badmouthing me to my friends (on this site too). What she couldn't control, she tried to destroy, I figure. And she couldn't control me because blackmailing me is pointless. It only makes me react the opposite way. But she wouldn't let me go. She made up excuses to e-mail me, and sent "messages" through a mutual friend because I hadn't fallen for the martyrdom, and she needed to get the control she had had of me back somehow. Well, she never did, but she DID show her true colors, and that was butt-ugly.  8O
On hindsight, she was 'too good to be true' in the first place, and that should have been enough of warning. But hey, who wouldn't fall for it: being the center of someone's attention, being drowned under compliments and sweet talk. Someone did warn me, but I didn't listen. Who would, when the other person appears to be everything you've looked for, and don't have NPD printed on their forehead. :duh:

I have to disagree on the switch part though. Being a switch doesn't make anyone a bad top. The biggest con is, that he or she may not want to be the top all the time, but then again, you wouldn't expect that from a top either. :thinking: The biggest pro is, that they know both sides.

*eagerly waiting for part two*
May the tawse be with you.