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Cheekie & The Trainer!
« on: December 29, 2016, 11:04:44 AM »
First off I have missed you all sooo much!! :D

There's been so many new things (for the better) that has happened to me, I do have a fitness trainer in my real every day life, this story is partially fiction but if any of you have any questions feel free to flood my inbox LOL

(I have forgotten how to use BBC Codes LMAO!!!)

Part 1 Tipping the scale

It was around 4 am, when cheekie woke up, she was always an early riser, especially when she had crazy dreams, she had been miserable for a few months now and her mood swings had no end, she had quit her job a few months back, so her days consisted of drinking, eating and sleeping. She went into the bathroom, she saw her scale she decided to step on It, she almost threw up when she read the numbers 310.8 LBs, she cried her eyes out, she picked up the phone and called her mom, " Mom you're not going to believe this, I weigh 310 LBs!" she shouted as her mom said hello, " Well, sweetie you aren't as active as you used to be, plus you are always eating or drinking something, your jaws can't catch a break!" her mom responded, " Wow thanks mom, you suck at being helpful!" cheekie said in a defensive and hurt tone, "Well, you're 5'5 and you're probably carrying it well so I don't see what the big problem is" her mom said with a sweet tone. Cheekie hung up.
 She looked over at the clock it was now 5:45, she began to get dressed in lounge wear, tube dress, and threw her hair into a messy bun, she proceeded out the door to hit up sonic for her rt. 44 sprite with cream (that's real by the way and oh so good!) and burger king for her whopper, no onions, with cheese, extra-extra mayo, and small fry with ranch! once her food was collected she went home, and started her Blu-ray player up to Netflix to watch orange is the new black! she watched about 4 episodes before getting off the couch and washing dishes, she pulled out her laptop and turned on some Veronica Daniels spanking movies along with some Nu-west Debra videos, she adored those women, and sometimes, they helped her put a pep in her step, although it was only in her imagination she'll forever wish that it was real, she listed to the cries of the spankee's on the video and began to daydream,  she finished cleaning the kitchen before she knew it!
 She went to her bathroom and started cleaning it up, she took a glance in the mirror and began to cry all over again, she will never understand how a once pageant girl/coach/fit girl could fall so low!
Or will she?

Part 2: Lets Search!

 Cheekie collected herself off the bathroom  floor and began to try and refocus which led her into the kitchen to her beloved vodka! She mixed it with the rest of her Cream Sprite and laid across her bed, she picked her cellphone up and started a fun google search "Female trainers for hirer" she found a neat little survey, she took it honestly, and decided when it asked for a credit card number she'd kindly X out and go find another drink! She clicked submit and it submitted, cheekie almost choked on her spit! she dabbled on the site a bit more, she heard a ping sound it was a trainer! Cheekie smiled and responded to the email with a phone number about 3 minutes later she had her first phone call
Cheekie: Hello
Sue: *British Accent* Hello, May I speak with Cheekie please?
Cheekie: Speaking, *cheekie smiled big over the telephone*
Sue: Let's pick up where we left off on email, I will hold you accountable for your actions or lack there of, and make sure your meal prep which by the way is 25 extra dollars is followed....
Cheekie, listened and became bored, especially when she found out sue was only 4'9, cheekie rushed her off the phone with promises of a call back and a meet and great the following day.
"4'9, I'd probably kick her butt, verbally mentally, and maybe even physically!" she said to the empty room around her, cheekie had respect but sometimes you had to look the part in order for her to give it.
 Two other messages came that caught cheekie's eye out of the 12 other messages, especially the lady named Kelly, she messaged Kelly back with a quickness after seeing her profile picture, she immediately gave her number and requested they meet tomorrow after deciding they would be a semi match.
Search Complete cheekie!

Chapter 3: The Meeting

 Kelly had agreed to meet cheekie that morning at 8:30am, cheekie was excited, they hadn't spoken on the phone, but they did text, cheekie went around the house making sure that it smelled nice, and she looked half ass decent, she had on a black tube dress, barefoot, and her hair up in a ponytail, she was roaming through the house, when she heard the doorbell ring.
 When she opened the door, there Kelly stood, 6'2, very muscular body-builder, very mature in age, and Caucasian. Cheekie's heart skipped a beat as her mind drifted into spanko-land, yep this was def the lady for her! The two sat on the couch and had conversation, cheekie gazing into her blue green eyes, as well as noticing she was true blonde and had an awesome voice that demanded respect, she was surprised she could keep up with the questions as she checked out her hands and her neck.
 Before cheekie knew it she was rushing Kelly out of the house, because she couldn't begin to wrap her head around the beauty and dominance around her, she gave Kelly a check for $200 and told her she'd see her in the gym tomorrow at 8:00am sharp, Kelly left, cheekie went around the house singing at the top of her lungs badly, she was happy for the first time in months!
 She sent her mom a text telling her she had found a trainer, a lot of people commented the same thing " you don't need a trainer, you can do it yourself" but to that cheekie's response was " well I haven't been and I rather spend money on something that'll help me than gain another fucking pound" she went outside as it began to rain, and prayed to the heavens that she would not muck anything up and that progress would be made.
 She went into the house and prepared for the big Gym day!

Chapter 4: Gym Day

 It was the day of truth GYM DAY, how could cheekie forget she had such bad anxiety?! She talked herself into leaving the house but walking into the gym was another story, cheekie felt her phone vibrate, it was a text from Kelly "where are you", cheekie responded "I'm outside, I don't think I can do this" she blinked a tear back and heard Kelly's voice " Come on you're paying me by the minute!"           
 Cheekie kinda smiled and walked behind Kelly, she felt safe behind her because she was so strong and parental looking, like she could be cheekie's stepmom or even mom, cheekie walked behind her with pride as she learned what each machine was, cheekie got a glimpse of the mirror and felt her slipping into a hateful place, she tried to avoid it but it was already there, as Kelly showed her the weight area cheekie in a not so nice voice uttered "don't I have enough weight on me, why in the world would I want to come over here!" The look Kelly gave her was more than proof that she had just fucked up, cheekie instantly apologized and continued to listen they did a few exercises, Kelly couldn't get over how nice cheekie's form was on every exercise, how well she listened and took great direction.
 Before either of them knew it the hour was up, cheekie felt somewhat relieved and sad, but she'd see her again tomorrow.
 Kelly looked kinda hesitant but had to admit that cheekie wasn't THAT bad she was just a little talkative and sarcastic but she had a heart of gold!

Chapter 5: Let's Get Real!

*So we're going to fast forward a bit, yay :)*
  Cheekie and Kelly had been training for about three months straight, Cheekie had even let her into her spanko-secrets and said she'd be a great candidate for the spanko world, Kelly entertained the thought especially the money making part, but never gave a final answer, during this work-out cheekie was in rare mode having lost weight her scale was now reading 270.0 she was so excited, although she couldn't see it she could feel it, she decided to dabble with bringing her cheekie mode to the gym, she whined and Kelly looked as if she could chew steel, after about three minutes of cheekie's whining Kelly said in an abrupt voice " I'm going to leave if you can't get that shit under control!" cheekie was not expecting those words, she stopped immediately, not because she had her attention but because she had neglect issues and it struck a nerve, she finished out her workout, and went straight home, there was no chit chatting she just left, Kelly could sense there was something wrong but had a ton of other clients so she told herself she'd check on cheekie before she left that side of town.
 Cheekie went to her car and found herself in the sonic drive through ordering  a double cheese-burger, and her beloved Cream-Sprite, she went home and began to munch, she let her food digest for about 30 minutes before showering, she went into her closet and decided to put on some undergarments (Bra and panties) and a hoodie along with boy shorts, she was really loving her body but just pissed at her trainer at the moment!
  she started looking up spanking sites while she did the dishes, and even got her own implements out and followed along with a few scenes while self spanking, just as she was about to start mopping the floor the doorbell rang, she stopped the video and went to look through the peep hole, it was Kelly, cheekie couldn't help her heart always skipped a scared beat anytime Kelly was near, she opened the door with attitude though, " Yes?" cheekie said glaring at Kelly through the security door, " You're not going to let me in" Kelly said looking a bit irritated, Cheekie thought about it and remembered her manners, and opened the door, " Come on in I was just cleaning up a bit" Kelly walked in and shut the door behind her, she couldn't help but notice cheekie's buns but said nothing, cheekie walked into the kitchen as Kelly followed behind her, "Can I get you something to drink, I have some of those protein shakes you like, they're not chocolate like you love but they are tasty" she said while passing her one, Kelly smiled and said thank you, she then proceeded to look around since she had never really seen all the house, cheekie was putting something under the cabinet when she stood Kelly was standing behind her holding her sonic evidence " So this is what you did when you left?" Kelly's voice was even and strong, cheekie felt like a little kid instantly, "Yes, ma'am I'm so sorry", "You did all that hard work and threw it away by eating garbage that cost 8 bucks!" Kelly roared again, cheekie felt really low now, and the hurt she was already feeling no longer mattered because she could see and hear that Kelly cared about her, and that's all she had ever wanted. "Answer Me!" Kelly's voice boomed again cutting cheekie's thought process in two, " I'm terribly sorry" was all cheekie could mutter, Kelly who had been doing some serious thinking on the drive there decided to put her ideas into Go mode, " Bring me your wallet" Kelly ordered, cheekie grabbed it off the island in front of her, " Take out 8 dollars and give it to me!" Kelly held her hand out, " I only have the 20 dollar bill ma'am" "That'll work too, every time you decide to eat out or put something you know damn well you're not supposed to you will pay me 20 dollars and if you start thinking this is a game and add more than 2 foul ups within a week, you don't even want to know what's going to happen to you, it's time to get real and stop playing with your life and time!" Kelly took the 20 dollars and walked out of the house, cheekie's head was spinning all she comprehended was she lost 20 dollars to a 8 dollar meal and wasn't the least bit thrilled.
she heard her phone chime "It starts right this moment! See you tomorrow 8:30, and you will go to the gym tonight at 6p to do cardio I want pictures and video!"
cheekie smiled Kelly was actually getting the way of cheekie. She beamed from ear to ear.

Chapter 6: Let's test this out!

 Cheekie arrived at the gym later that night around 6p, it looked totally different from 8:30a, even the work crew was cranky and lazy, cheekie scoped the place hoping to find a familiar face but no such luck, she sent Kelly a text message " hey at the gym :)" she took a picture of three pieces of equipment and left, after 10 minutes cheekie sent the first picture, then she sent the second after another 10 minutes, she stopped by  Walmart to pick up a few items, as she was down the chip aisle her cellphone rang, it was her favorite cousin Alyssa, they began to chit chat and cackle on the phone as they reminisced on how they'd snack all the time at each others sleepovers and cut up, and how they missed each other, cheekie was in mid sentence when she turned the corner and spotted Kelly, her mouth flew open, she began to back up, but as she did she bumped into the person behind her and which caused Kelly to look up and spot cheekie. " Hey what are you doing here, you're supposed to be at the gym!" Kelly said trying to understand. cheekie didn't know what to do so she dropped her little basket and ran, she ran all the way to her car, although Kelly was a track star she had other things to do, once cheekie was to her car, she unlocked it and began telling her cousin the entire story of her and Kelly and the incident that had taken place just then, Alyssa laughed and made cheekie laugh, until cheekie got the text " meet me at the gym NOW" cheekie's stomach churned awhile, cheekie knew she didn't want to go to the gym it was too much pressure, so she responded " I left the dog outside, I have to check on him, sorry" she didn't know if that would work or not, but it was worth a try. she made it home, let the dog in, and continued to talk to her cousin just then the doorbell rang, cheekie didn't even need to guess who it was, she opened the door " Hey Ms. Kelly" cheekie said almost fainting, Kelly walked past her into the kitchen, cheekie still standing at the front door, shaking, she finally shut the door and went into the kitchen as well, Kelly was having some almonds and a protein shake, " Lying isn't a good look cheekie and it won't be tolerated, do I make myself clear" Kelly said never looking around, "Yes Ma'am", cheekie uttered as she walked to the bathroom to check her face, because she was certain it had a tell sign of fear on it, but she was her normal pretty self , she walked out the bathroom, Kelly still standing eating almonds and drinking a protein shake, she pointed to the barstool in front of her, cheekie sat with her eyes fixed down, not wanting to make eye contact,  "you know you are wrong for lying, I could say your body your problem, but I want you to succeed so I'm going to make you feel how wrong you are, I remember you are into spanking and I noticed the marks on your rear a while back, well I am here to give you more, I do NOT like being lied too" cheekie almost hit the floor, "what do you mean make me Feel how wrong I was ma'am"?  Kelly stared at cheekie " You know exactly what I mean, now go get me something to spank you with!" cheekie still sat in amazement and disbelief "MOVE! I don't have all night!" cheekie ran and picked up the closet thing she could find a baby blue bath brush. she brought it back to Kelly. she finished her protein shake, washed her hands she wondered around the house, she then called out for cheekie to go into the living room and lay on the table, cheekie giggled nervously " Get over the table this is NOT a laughing matter!" cheekie knew she wasn't playing and although cheekie really wanted and needed this she left out one tiny detail Kelly has strength and is built like a line backer only evened out properly. " Ms. Kelly can we discuss this" her response was Kelly shaking her head no and pointing at the table. Cheekie climbed up and laid across it, before you knew it all you heard was a loud THWAK and cheekie screaming
The spanking has begun!
THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK *hard loud blows* "YOU BETTER NOT EVER LIE TO ME AGAIN" Kelly voice thundered THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK, " I saw what you had in your basket tonight too!" THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK "I wasn't going to buy them honest!" THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK "THEN WHY WERE THEY IN YOUR BASKET?!' ....... "ANSWER ME!" ....."b-b-because I-I-I-I was talking to my cousin and mindlessly p-p-p-put them in th-t-there ma'am" cheekie let out heaping cries, THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK THAWACK THWACK! "Get up!" cheekie hurried off the table, "stand over in the corner", cheekie ran to it, and stood  "I'm on my way home, when I get home, I will text you, then you can remove yourself from the corner, you will go to the gym, and do your cardio, with me on video watching you on skype do you understand?" cheekie unable to speak nodded, she heard the brush hit the table. Kelly left and proceeded home, she kept her word and cheekie still had to go to the gym and workout, but instead of 30 minutes she had a whole hour and 45 minutes, she swore she'd never lie to Kelly again!


There will be plenty of cheekie & Kelly stories to come!
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Re: Cheekie & The Trainer!
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2017, 11:40:22 AM »
Nice one! :thumbup: Not sure if that kind of trainer would make me train more or less though....  :D
May the tawse be with you.


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Re: Cheekie & The Trainer!
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2017, 02:59:00 PM »

This is how a trainer should act. Thank you Cheekie for the story!