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Spanking the Babysitter (M/f)
« on: December 29, 2004, 09:27:45 PM »
Early one evening, a few years ago, I got a phone call from my friend Leslie. She and Peter were neighbours of mine; I'd often looked after their house when they were away on holiday, and they'd done the same for me.

'Oh hi, Phil', she said. 'Listen, could you do me a favour? Pete and I are going out this evening, and we've got a new babysitter.'

Their two daughters, Lucy and Isabelle, were 9 and 7 at the time. They were lovely kids, but like most girls of that age a bit of a handful, and I knew Pete and Leslie had been having trouble finding reliable babysitters.

'It's young Debbie Richards,' continued Leslie. 'You know her, don't you?'

'Sure,' I said. 'She's a nice kid.' Debbie was 16, a sweet-faced, slightly shy girl with long dark hair. Her mother, Judy, was a single parent who lived in the next street, and I knew them both to say hi to.

'Yes, isn't she?' said Leslie. 'And I think she'll do a good job. But would you mind just popping in at some point in the evening, to make sure everything's OK? Just to put our minds at rest?'

So around 9.00 I strolled over, thinking that Debbie should be putting the girls to bed about then. I rang the doorbell but there was no response. I had a key, so I let myself in. From the sitting-room I could hear the TV playing loud, and from the kitchen a lot of shrieking and giggling.

I headed into the kitchen. Lucy and Isabelle had got the fridge open and were having fun helping themselves to the contents. Both they and the kitchen were quite a mess. I said hi and asked where Debbie was. 'Oh, she's watching TV,' said Lucy. 'She's great - she lets us do what we like!'

I went into the sitting room. The TV was blaring, and Debbie was lying facedown on the floor, elbows propped up on cushions, watching a pop show. She was wearing skin-tight jeans that made the most of her cutely-rounded young bottom. The temptation was too good to resist. I leant down and administered a ringing smack to the nearest cheek.

'Oww!' she yelped, rolling over. 'Oh hi Phil! I didn't hear you.'

'Not surprised, with that going on,' I observed, grabbing the remote and killing the volume. 'Doyou know where the girls are?'

'Oh my god - are they OK?'

'They're fine,' I retorted. 'But I'm not sure you can say the same for the kitchen.'

With my help, Debbie got the girls cleaned up and into bed. Then we set to work clearing up the kitchen. Once it was all done she said hopefully, 'You won't tell Peter and Leslie, will you?'

'I have to, Debbie,' I said. 'It wouldn't be fair not to.'

'Oh, please don't,' she begged. 'I really need the money - and they're such sweet girls. I'll take more care next time, honest!'

We'd been talking while clearing up, and she came across as a nice kid if a bit scatty. Well, I thought, what's to lose?

'OK,' I said, 'maybe you do deserve another chance. But what you also deserve, young lady, is a damn good spanking.'

She blushed and dropped her eyes. 'Yes, I guess I do,' she murmured. 'But if I take a spanking, you won't tell them?'

I agreed. I wasn't going to spank her there, within earshot of the kids, so I told her to come over to my house after Pete and Leslie got back. I didn't really think she'd come, but I went home and got a hairbrush ready just in case.

Just after half-past ten the doorbell rang - and there stood Debbie, looking very sweet and contrite. 'I - I've come for my spanking,' she said.

I invited her in, sat down on the sofa and had her stand in front of me. I reminded her how irresponsible she'd been, and told her what she'd got coming - to be put across my knee and given a good long hand-spanking on her bare bottom, followed by a sound paddling with the hairbrush. Debbie's eyes widened in dismay when I showed her the hairbrush, but she raised no objections.

So I reached up and lowered her jeans, then drew her down across my lap and peeled down her panties. She had a lovely bottom, curvy and well-rounded and just made to be spanked. I stroked it - it felt deliciously soft - then raised my hand and started to spank her, quite lightly at first but gradually getting harder. Her pale skin blushed readily, and after only a dozen or two spanks her cheeks were already glowing deep pink.

As the heat built up in her spanked rear end Debbie started to gasp and squirm and yip, but made no attempt to escape her punishment. So I spanked her for fifteen minutes or so, all the time reminding her how thoughtless she'd been and how she richly deserved to be spanked, until she was whimpering at each stroke and promising to be good. By the time I paused and reached for the brush her bottom was bright scarlet and beautifully hot and tender, perfectly prepared for a good paddling with the back of a hairbrush.

When she saw me pick up the brush Debbie wailed, 'no!' But she stayed put and just took a firm grip of my ankle. I rubbed the cool wood across her hot cheeks a couple of times, then lifted the brush and really let the pretty teenager have it. I wasn't keeping count, but I reckon I must have given her at least a couple of hundred crisp, stinging swats. At first she yelped and squealed, begging me to stop, but well before I'd finished she was lying limp across my knee sobbing pitifully, so I knew I'd really got through to her.

I lifted her up, hugged her and let her sob her heart out against my shoulder. When she'd calmed down a little she murmured, 'Owww! That really hurt! But I guess I had it coming.'

'I guess you did, my girl,' I responded. I'd been impressed by the unquestioning obedience with which she'd submitted to her punishment, so now I thought I'd push my luck again. 'Will you do better if Pete and Leslie ask you to babysit again?' I asked.

'yes! Yes, I really will!'

'Good - but I think I need to make sure. So here's what I want you to do, Debbie. Each time after you've sat for them, I want you to call in here on the way home to get another good spanking. That should keep you up to the mark.'

'Do you think it will?' she asked, looking a little puzzled. '- OK then.'

I could hardly believe my ears - and even then I never imagined she'd keep to it. But she did. Debbie was a girl of her word. Peter and Leslie thought she was the best babysitter they'd ever found, and the kids adored her, so they used her a lot. Which meant that at least once a week a pretty, dark-haired teenager would show up at my house late in the evening and obediently submit to being turned over my knee and given a long, hard spanking on her sweet young bare bottom.

We never went beyond spanking. I was well over twice her age, and anyway I had a lovely girlfriend who was more than willing to spend time across my knee as well as in my bed. But Debbie was a sweet delight to spank, gentle and submissive, and over the next two years or so her cute young teenage bottom just seemed to get ever more shapely and spankable. So I was genuinely saddened when she came and told me, very apologetically, that she didn't think she could go on with our spanking sessions.

'It's Rick,' she explained shyly. Debbie had recently started college, and Rick was a boy she'd met there and become fond of. 'I told him about these spankings you give me, and he said that if I wanted to be his girlfriend he'd be the one to spank me. And he does, too,' she added, blushing.

'Do you like it?' I asked, grinning.

'yes,' she admitted, dropping her eyes. 'He's so sweet and gentle afterwards. Although you know I always loved your spankings, too, don't you?'

'I kind of guessed you did,' I said. 'But that's fair enough, Debbie. If Rick's your boyfriend I can see he wouldn't want some other guy spanking you. I'll miss you, though.'

'I'll miss you too,' she said, and hugged me. 'Would you like to give me one last spanking - just for old times' sake?'

Of course I would, and I did - the longest and hardest I'd ever given her. As ever she yelped and squirmed and eventually wept, but made no effort to evade her punishment. And afterwards, when she'd cried it out, she kissed me and whispered, 'Thank you, Phil - for all the lovely spankings.'

I watched her go, her jeans fitting more snugly than ever over those hot round freshly-spanked cheeks. Lucky Rick, I thought.

I still see Debbie around from time to time. She's 24 now, prettier than ever, with a little girl of her own. And when we meet we always exchange smiles, knowing exactly what memories we're sharing.
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Spanking the Babysitter (M/f)
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2004, 09:44:21 PM »
you are spoiling us ... two stories in a day  :D


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Spanking the Babysitter (M/f)
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2004, 09:59:27 PM »
Yes he is, and I'm saving up the other one til tomorrow morning (when I can be sure I won't be disturbed in the middle of reading)

Meanwhile - replies to this one from old board:

I love the way she keeps coming back for her spankings - imagine knocking on the door and having to say, "I'm here for my spanking."

A lovely warm, affectionate story!

Lovely story - although that hairbrush ...
I'd keep coming back too though

Loved this! :D

(I would keep going back too btw, but I will deny I said it if ever asked)

Thanks Phil, and welcome :cheers:

Great story Phil. Kinda tricky getting her to come back though. Wonder if that would have really happened? Well, for me, it would have!


Well if she is anything like us ... she'd :bugger:  on the chance
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Re: Spanking the Babysitter (M/f)
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2006, 02:44:30 AM »
Fantastic story..I read it twice and lok foward to more


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Re: Spanking the Babysitter (M/f)
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2006, 04:02:42 AM »
Dang......... guess I missed this one on the first time around :unsure:  :unsure:

Need to hear more from this author  :D :D